Every visionary organization seeking industry leadership understands that her investment in her human resource base is a must. It is for such organizations that we have designed our training courses, which we deliver in both the open and in-house variants. Our training programs and workshops are highly customized, and are designed to empower attendees to think up actionable insights they could bring to bear on their jobs and the challenges they face on the job. We have trainings subsumed under the following broad categories on offer: Business Process Analysis and Improvement, Corporate Strategy Development and Implementation, Performance Management, Marketing/Business Development, Organizational Culture Building and Improvement programs; among others. Most of these programs could be run in-house for a group of five and above. All of our off-the-shelf programs can be customized to reflect an organization’s specific learning requirements, business processes, culture, and corporate strategy or industry solutions. Lastly, our open training sessions are also valuable opportunities for organizational executives to “rub minds” with their peers from other organizations in the same or different industries/sectors of the economy and “cross-fertilize” ideas.


Training Needs Assessment

For the visionary organization, learning and talent development are key aspects that should be focused on for the sustenance of organizational performance; they are not just tools for effective human resources management. And creating an effective learning strategy is never more crucial than in these present times of constrained finance, restructuring, redundancies and quest for business growth and market share appreciation. Identifying training and learning needs is a major aspect of operation planning for business growth and development. Our Training and Learning Needs Assessment solution is designed to serve as a health check on the skills, talent and capabilities of the organization. It is the systematic gathering of data to find out where there are gaps in the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes of employees. It involves collecting data about existing employees’ capabilities and organizational demands for skills, and the analysis of the implications of new and changed roles for changes in capability. Such data should always flow from the business strategy, and its aim is the production of a plan for the organization to ensure that there is sufficient capability to sustain business performance. Any organization looking forward to better-positioning her workforce ought to subscribe to this solution.


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