Taking The Enterprise Transformation Path

Successful Enterprise Transformation. Focusing on the right path….

Moving a business from one level of profitability to a higher one demands that this present business model of such organization be looked into. Doing things same old way and expecting different result is an effort in futility. We shall be looking at the cardinal points to be looked at when enterprise transformation is been considered for any upwardly mobile business organization.

The assumption is always that a journey should always commence only when the destination is already determined. So it ought to be for so many businesses. But there is no 100% assurance that it is always like that for all organizations. Also some organizations take the pain to develop a direction plan after determining the vision and mission but fail to work by it.

This write up is aimed at business manager that understands the crafting as well the implementation of strategic plan that originates fro a well determined business vision and mission.
Some of the major points demanding consideration before a successful enterprise transformation journey can commence within any business entity includes the points listed below;

  • Re-validation of the company’s business vision to the present day social economic environment.
  • The organizational structural readiness to support the re-validated business vision & mission.
  • Creation of a clear performance indicators for both corporate and individual staff members.

Why vision/present social economic environment re-validation? A good analysis of the aforementioned will position you as a business manager to agree with me that the SWOT analysis which is one of the primary tools used in evaluating a business shows that; there both internal and external factors affecting the average business entity. And in as much as there are external factors which the social/economic environments forms part of, a thorough attention must be paid to such if you are aiming at business success.

I will mention some of the factors to be considered when it comes to social-economic environment this week. We shall look at them in details in the coming editions of our newsletter. Profit is the excess value gotten from a business endevour after all and I mean all expenditures have been taken of. This implication of this is that there must be a product or service to be sold or rendered to the customers. If this is correct, it then means that at the point of product product development, the personalty and the environment of the customers must be well considered. Factors like peoples orientation, mindset, effects of globalization through information technology etc are major factors. Others includes but not limited to life styles, government regulation and control.

To be continued….
Write-up by Debo Adebayo
Debo Adebayo is the CEO of SPNS Consulting, a business process and performance management consulting firm

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