Stemming the jolt of leading in turbulent times

The reality however is the fact that business success result from decisions made under conditions of uncertainty and shaped in part by factors outside the control of each operator. Even the competitive dynamics in the real world would rather support strategy choices built on the realities and peculiarities of each organization on-the-go than resort to some fabled halos. Business leaders would stand a better chance of riding the turbulence of the new normal through more engaging look at their realities while being mindful of the chains of delusions that offer helping hands at times like this. The hyperbole of existing thought leaderships certainly could be useful but more in aiding critical and deep thinking than ready-made inferences for generalizations. As a first step, it is important to spare some efforts in understanding these misconceptions and delusions commonly found in business world and rather use the insights to challenge the flawed thinking giving room for more accurate methods for navigating the chaos.

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