STAFF PRODUCTIVITYChange Management Perspective

Change management is a success enabler
Research on thousands of initiatives shows a direct correlation between how well the people side of change is managed (change management) and how successful the effort is. Projects with improved change management had increased likelihood of meeting objectives, finishing on time and finishing on budget.

Why is Managing Change Important?
Meeting milestones is not the primary determinant of the success of a change project. Successful change also involves ensuring employees’ capacity to adapt to and work effectively and efficiently in the new environment.

The underlying basis of change management is that people’s capacity to change can be influenced by how change is presented to them. Their capacity to adapt to change can shrink if they misunderstand or resist the change, causing barriers and ongoing issues. The rationale is that if people understand the benefits of change, they are more likely to participate in the change and see that it is successfully carried out, which in turn means minimal disruption to the organisation.

Buchi Nwosu.

Buchi Nwosu, CBAP PMP

Head, Business Process Re-engineering Department, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated Strategic Business School.

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