Staff productivity- change management perspective

Change is an inherent characteristic of any organization and like it or not, all organizations must change to remain relevant. Change can originate from external sources through technological advances, social, political or economic pressures, or it can come from inside the organization as a management response to a range of issues such as changing customer needs, costs or a human resource or a performance issue. It can affect one small area or the entire organization. Nevertheless, all change whether from internal or external sources, large or small, involves adopting new mindsets, processes, policies, practices and

Irrespective of the way the change originates, change management is the process of taking a planned and structured approach to help align an organization with the change. Change management involves working with stakeholder groups to help them understand what the change means for them, helping them make and sustain the transition and working to overcome any challenges involved. From a management perspective it involves the organizational and behavioral adjustments that need to be made to accommodate and sustain change.

Fundamentally, the basic goal of all change management is to secure buy-in to the change, and to align individual behavior and skills with the change.

Basically, it is people who make change happen – nothing moves forward without engaged, motivated stakeholders. Stakeholders are the people that are directly involved in and affected by the change project. As an organization there is need to engage stakeholders, in order to implement changes effectively. To do that, stakeholders need to understand the reasons why the change is happening and its benefits. They also need to have an opportunity to express their views and contribute their own ideas about how it might be implemented. Even if the change is non-negotiable, cooperation and collaboration to achieve the change is more likely if stakeholders are involved and kept informed.

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