Process Mining

Process mining delivers true process insight

Typically processes are modelled and analyzed by conducting interviews and workshops. Process Mining (or Automated Business Process Discovery, ABPD) approaches this from a completely new angle – the data. The traditional way takes time and resources, and is vulnerable to human interpretation. Process mining, however, brings transparency and delivers fact-based information, quickly. This is enabled by organizations having numerous systems where nearly all activites are logged. With process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you are able to visualize processes using this existing event data logged in IT systems.

Unlike reporting and analytics solutions, process mining solutions use time stamps of the events read directly from the data. This enables automatic visualization of processes, delivering insight on processes and process specific KPIs. Process mining presents the big picture of how the business processes are executed and what is the real status of the processes. It enables drilling down to all process variations and bottlenecks as well as benchmarking between any relevant dimensions such as factories or teams. Building the analysis based on event level data means that you are able to drill down to even individual process instances to see what is the rootcause for poor performance.

With process mining:

  • Effective discovery of process performance
  • Actionable insight
  • Speeds-up decision making