Lean Process Improvement

Use data to remove process waste

The goal of Lean process improvement is to transform a process and ultimately the organization which strives to maximize customer value with streamlined processes.

But do you have a visibility of what you actually need to LEAN? It is challenging to get facts to form a solid understanding of the processes and recognize which changes have the biggest impact. Quick identification of development areas, reacting fast and learning fast are key for making the needed big improvements to operational performance.

QPR provides tools and solutions to identify improvement needs based on facts and to streamline processes. You can use data as a basis for waste identification, and make needed process changes aligned with the overall business architecture. Data will also help you establish a follow-up system to provide visibility on how the made changes impact process performance.

Lean Process Improvement with QPR:

  • Identify customer value within the related business context
  • Visualize a value stream automatically from existing data
  • Discover process behaviour in good and bad
  • Find root causes for the problems for improvement action definition
  • Plan and design the future state of the process
  • Effectively implement changes and set-up related metrics
  • Set-up continuous process monitoring using Process BI