Internal Audit and Compliance

Comply to regulation and minimize risks

The Internal Audit and Compliance functions have a material role in supporting organization’s governance and risk management policies and helping them to comply with complex and sometimes even contradictory regulation. In the same way – as any other function – they constantly need to improve their own execution and monitoring capacity as well as the quality and effectiveness of the internal audit process.

QPR’s solution for Internal Audit and Compliance supports:

  • Design of internal controls: QPR ProcessDesigner allows organizations to effectively create relevant documentation related to your internal control needs, such as business process maps, job descriptions, risks and control descriptions. QPR’s solution also enables organizations to communicate, maintain and improve this documentation. Furthermore, you can monitor and assess operations to improve risk and control management efficiency.
  • Risk monitoring: QPR Metrics can be used for risk monitoring alone but it also allows incorporating risk monitoring to Enterprise Performance Management or Balanced Scorecard frameworks to ensure that risks receive the same attention as other performance indicators.
  • Internal Audits: QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps improve internal audit reliability and the efficiency of audit work. The sofware uses data to visualize real processes showing all process variations and deviations.