QPR Suite

Your business management tool portfolio

The QPR Suite delivers the right capabilities for business management and enterprise architects to support operational development and business transformation cases. It includes the following software which can be used separately or as an integrated solution:

The QPR Suite 2015 is available in over 20 languages. Usage of the QPR Suite is supported with the QPR Portal web user interface.

New insights to your business with QPR Suite 2015

The core focus areas for the new QPR Suite 2015 are:

  • New features and enhancements designed to simplify real world challenges regarding strategy execution and process excellence
  • New integration possibilities to external data sources
  • Improved dashboarding features

With QPR EnterpriseArchitect’s open meta-model in Suite 2015 you get the freedom to start creating your own model or get inspired by QPR’s TOGAF-based Operational Development template and QPR’s new comprehensive demo model. QPR EnterpriseArchitect also has a template for TOGAF®.

Handling large models and dimensions with QPR EnterpriseArchitect and QPR ProcessDesigner is made easier with new features such as enhanced navigating and filtering which saves times and makes it easy to find the relevant views. Also the new interface features will give support for coherent process architecture.

QPR Metrics is enhanced with various features improving customization of dashboards. QPR Metrics can also be linked to QPR ProcessAnalyzer for providing new process business intelligence solution. Pre-built integrations from QPR ProcessAnalyzer include SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.

QPR Suite 2015 has also numerous improvements and enhancements such as:

  • IPv6 Support
  • Support for Windows 10 (starting November 3rd 2015)
  • Supported Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 to be used as a database management system and Microsoft LocalDB to be used with standalone installations
  • Improved Support for Single Sign-on in Multi-Domain Forests
  • Server Side License-related E-mail Alerts
  • Changes to Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (10.0, 11.0),  Mozilla Firefox for Windows version 31 ESR, Mobile Safari 8 (excluding versions prior to 8.1.2) and Google Chrome version 35 (tested).

A complete offering for successful business

If successful transformation and continuous improvement are a high priority in your business, QPR comprehensive’s approach to develop operations will drive your business to sustainable results. The integration of QPR software products is an optimal solution for supporting your agile business transformation. At QPR we can offer our software tools together as an integrated solution to help the work of business units, planning functions and ICT.

QPR’s integrated offering combines Performance Management, Automated Business Process Discovery and Enterprise Architecture as well as Enterprise Business Process Analysis. Our software tools operates in the QPR Suite platform, making it easy to integrate different solutions according to specific needs or to cover all steps in the development of your business strategy and operations.