QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Patented process mining technology for data-based process mapping, visualization and analysis

Process mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer automatically generates process flowcharts and important KPIs based on the data extracted from your IT systems. Instead of manually modeling and mapping the processes you can utilize the extracted data and automatically create an exact fact-based visualization of your business processes.

Make the most of the existing data in your IT systems and get facts for analyzing, measuring and monitoring the performance KPIs of your core processes. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a perfect process mining and process business intelligence software for process owners and business owners to gain insight and improve the business processes. Bringing true process intelligence – continuously – for the whole organization.

  • Process visualization – quickly map your processes, identify and discover process bottlenecks and variations
  • Reports on process metrics – measure and monitor process lead times, volumes, and other process KPIs
  • Automated data integration – no need for manual data import
  • No more guessing – base your process improvement activities on fact

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer is available as:

  • Cloud solution
  • On premise server installation – QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Standalone version

Out-of-the-box process analysis for instant results

QPR ProcessAnalyzer offers the most comprehensive and powerful analysis capabilities and features in process intelligence recognized by world-leading analysts.

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you get access to comprehensive process performance information:

  • Process Flowchart – an automatic visualization of the real end-to-end process
  • Duration Analysis –  a visual analysis of the varying process lead times
  • Influence Analysis  – an overview of root causes for variations or bottlenecks
  • Benchmarking – process comparisons per e.g. location, country, product
  • Variation Analysis  – all process variations in one view
  • Custom reports –  information of process metrics specific to your needs on regular intervals
  • Animation – a dynamic presentation of the real case execution

Monitor your processes continuously

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you have one repository for process insight enabling sharing of analysis findings to key stakeholders and across the organization. Everyone is kept continuously up to date on process performance and results of process improvement activities.

Decision Makers 

  • Get process facts on monthly, weekly or daily basis for further development of the process and ensuring smooth performance

Operational Management

  • Get notifications on process performance and potential issues regarding incomplete cases

Process Developers

  • Reduce manual work by having fast access to process information. Find development areas faster and effectively follow the results of development activities.

Direct and easy data import

QPR ProcessAnalyzer utilizes large data sets. It provides direct access to data sources and automatically retrieves relevant event data for process analysis. Data from different systems can be combined for an end-to-end view and analysis of the business process.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer has ready-made connectors to most common IT systems.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connectors include:

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for SAP ERP
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for Oracle ERP
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for Salesforce
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for Epicor
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for ServiceNow
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for Infor M3
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for IFS
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Connector for Microsoft SQL Server

QPR ProcessAnalyzer delivers instant business benefits

Company’s IT systems contain a lot of data about process performance and how IT systems are used to support business processes. Currently this information is seldom used in process improvement and harmonization or IT system development. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer and Process Mining you can instantly find and identify process bottlenecks and based on that information target improvement efforts on specific points in the process and remove process waste. QPR ProcessAnalyzer will also help you to reduce unwanted changes and harmonize processes in different units.

After the improvements you can quickly see the business benefits:

  • Boost in cash flow
  • Improvements in operational efficiency
  • Expedited decision making
  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer satisfaction