When I started my business, I was not sure which of my passionate niche I should project. I was very sound with business processes and strategies and yet also very passionate about therapy and coaching. So I was in a dilemma. It took me a journey in business of about 5 years, before I found that there is a direct correlation between the subtle domain of therapies and the nervous domain of business processes. If business processes are the nervous system of any enterprise, then therapies are the arteries and veins of these enterprises.

I used to consult for a food business in Abuja. This business was making a monthly turnover of N3 million only as at the time I was hired. Upon my initial assessment, it was apparent that majority of the products were either being consumed or pilfered by staff or the quality of products made easily became B&D (bad and damaged).

This was when a scripture like ‘LITTLE FOXES DESTROY THE VINE’ is usually very apparent. But you see, no business results can be attained outside defined parameters of business processes. It is practically impossible to breakeven and sustain business growth and performance in the absence of defined business boundaries and patterns, which is the heart of business processes. But as much as this is true, no business process can survive the collusion of any team of destructive workforce. In fact, the mere implementation of business processes has the potential of recruiting resistance and sabotage, especially where this is done without ecology.

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Sam Obafemi

President, Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy, SOBCA Lagos & Abuja, Nigeria. Popularly called ‘Coach Sam’, Samuel Obafemi has carved a niche for himself in the practice of Emotional & Behavioural Therapy.