Process, Performance and Psychology

There is a direct correlation between the way the workforce is made to think and how the business processes will be adopted.
1. Understand the CURRENT mindset of your workforce and adjudge if this is the crop you NEED for the
current operational processes you have (or want to have).

2. Determine what you want to do to AGGREGATE the DIFFERENCE between where they are and where you want them to be. This is probably the most daunting and challenging part of the process but it is evidently the most critical too.

3. Communicating how the organization’s processes are a MUST-BE for the overall good of both employees and their own critical relationships. I believe that when there is a link between how a process affects me and by extension, affects my family and life, I am more inclined to support it than resist it.

So how do you ‘understand the current mindset’ of the people in your workforce?  The model we call the PERCEPTION INTERPRETATION MODEL determines how people see or perceive what your motives are as an organization…

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