Process Analytics

Achieving set business objectives requires more than just having a good; strategy, well defined and captured processes, and even a good performance management system. Having in mind that other companies within the industries have got all these too. Therefore, staying ahead of competition to achieve set objectives demands that the core business processes of your organization be analysed and improved on regularly. Coming up with distinctive processes from time to time can create the edge required for business success.

Having an in-house process management and improvement team enhances the achievement of high level process stability through process monitoring and control. When it comes to process innovation and improvement, having a third eye view of your process is a sure way to improve on your core business processes. The ambiguity arising from the process management team been part of the workforce most times unconsciously beclouds the views of the in-house team, and this can always affect the process improvement outcomes.

ProcessAnalytics Solution Scope:

  • This solution is divided into different phases; Below are the various phases:
  • Process Documentation Audit
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Strategy Analysis and Insight Generation
  • Strategy and Process Alignment Adequacy Analysis
  • Process Monitoring (Business Process Tracker).
  • Process Innovation
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