Nearly every beginner in marketing can recite the definition of this popular profession and then proceed from there to roll out the famous Ps of marketing. It used to be 4 in the early days of Philip Kotler, but have now multiplied to be 7.

Who knows tomorrow there could yet be more Ps. Shows how much the world is changing, and marketing too! Regardless, the marketing department has and will continue to be the engine room of any truly marketing organisation.

Being defined as engine room conveys a significant responsibility. Yet it could and have often been mis-interpreted as meaning the most important department in any marketing organisation. It is very necessary to state upfront that there is nothing like the “most important” department in an organisation. All departments, properly structured have there define roles in the whole process, and the non-performance of any, carries the capacity to derail the whole organizational goals.

Is marketing or the marketing department important? The answer without any hesitations is a definite yes. Indeed it is very important. The best performing organisations have been noted to have one thing in common; they all have very strong marketing departments. It makes good sense therefore to understand what these organisations are doing and doing right in order to be able to harness the capacity of the marketing department and the marketing team.


Mr Tony Agenmomen

Graduated with B.Sc.(Economics) from ABU, and MBA, (specialising in marketing) from UNIBEN. Attended many senior marketing programmes in Nigeria, Cote’ Ivoire, India, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Singapore.