Manpower & Organization Audit

Manpower & Organizational Audit

The mainstream of manpower & organizational audit solution is built around the systematic collection of information about positions or job classes alongside drawing up a comprehensive list of important job tasks plus the details of the required critical competencies needed to perform those tasks. This is mirrored against the specifications of the manpower within the organization. Sometimes there occurs the need for rightsizing to ensure that a round peg in not placed in a square hole. The understanding of the above statement makes it important for upward looking organization to carry out manpower audit exercise from time to time. Our manpower audit and organizational audit solution make the right manpower planning related decisions as job tasks are identified and aligned with the required competencies. Issues like succession, employee benefits, and performance appraisals become more simplified for effective management. Also the issue of over/understaffing is also addressed by the application of this solution. As we ensure the achievement of optimum capacity utilization.

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