Managing business rules for business profitability

Surpassing the expectations of the customers is now a question meant to be answered at the point of product or service development, and packaging as well as the determination of what the distribution channel ought to be like. This premise leads to unraveling what the needs of the customers are? How the customers would want these needs met? It doesn’t just end there, as organizations shall also have to consider the relationship between the organizational policies, processes/procedures, business rules and the requirements for meeting the needs of the customers in a bid to achieve profitability.

Aside ensuring you get the product or solution right, another major uphill task revolves around the product distribution or service delivery channels. This determines the stress or requirements of procurement-what an average customer will usually go through trying to buy your product. Hence, the numbers of touch-points, and turnaround time as well as the surrounding operational business rules are points that matter most for consideration.

It can be said that it is not enough to have in place, sales/service delivery process that is good for the now and begin to feel like it can serve the customers well at all times. The reason has to do with the changing taste of the customers. So many factors are responsible for this, the customer taste change rate in the early 1990s cannot be compared with the taste change rate of the modern day. Some of the responsible factors been; technology, modern civilisation, access to global information etc.

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