KPIAnalytics Solution

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KPIAnalytics Solution Scope:

The development of a good strategy, well defined processes and good performance management system is key to the success of every organization. However, most performance management system lacks the required inputs to drive the strategy execution successfully. The responsible factor for the aforementioned revolves around the ambiguity surrounding the development of the required performance measures.

  • Extracting measures relevant to the successful actualization of set strategic objectives is dependent of some input elements like; department and individual job profiles and the business processes.
  • Being able to come up with realistic and concise performance measures requires Performance Management Subject Matter Experts, and this expertise is what we have packaged into our KPIAnalytics Solution.

KPIAnalytics Solution Scope:

  • This solution is divided into different phases; Below are the various phases:
  • Strategic Objectives Cascading Flow Audit
  • Job Profile Adequacy Audit
  • Job Profile-Process Alignment Audit
  • Application of KPIAnalytics
  • Arrowhead Performance Measure Generation.