Human Resources Management

Our Human Resources Management consulting solution provides for the identification and provision for our clients’ current and future human resource competence required and the provision of customized and suitable human resources structure that will effectively equip our clients’ human capital resources, both for their present responsibilities and the evolving ones. Human capital is one of the key assets of any business organization; hence we have packaged our services to meet our client’s needs under this specialized service offering.


Manpower Audit and planning

If an organization or business must achieve her goals and objectives, it is essential that a sound manpower plan be developed and implemented. Our Manpower Audit and Planning solution is based on the aforementioned reason. The solution provides for the articulation of organizational/business human resources needs with reference to already well-defined job tasks. Additionally, relevant skill sets required are well-stated to create the needed information base required by an organization to drive its operations. Businesses also considering rightsizing or downsizing might also have to consider a manpower audit and planning before embarking on such.

HR Structure Development

The best of plans will always suffer operational hitches if its implementation is within an unstructured environment. It therefore remains a fact that for effectiveness in the operations of any business organization, the human resources management structure must be well and carefully designed. This is the sole aim of our HR Structure Development solution. We have deployed this solution for both small and large scale business organizations and the result has been tremendous. It’s a sure solution for the effective running of your business.

Recruitment & Job Placement

Our Recruitment and Job Placement solution provides for the identification of and the provision for our clients’ current and future human resource competences and requirements. We are aware that the build-up of a company’s manpower determines how well positioned its business is to operate successfully and even compete within its industry. As a result of the aforementioned, we have developed a online job profiler and a pre-employment test engine which has helped us tremendously in accessing top suitable applicants for our clients’ job openings. Also, in cases where poaching or head-hunting is required, we ensure that the best approach is adopted in trying to meet the human resources needs of our clients.

Manpower Management Consulting

Our Manpower Outsourcing solution is designed to take the human resources management burden off our clients so as to allow for them to concentration on their areas of core competences. This package provides for such functions as manpower planning, recruitment and workforce management which covers discipline control and payroll management. Organizations can always increase their profitability by focusing more on their core operational functions while other support functions like the human resources/manpower management can be outsourced to us. We have successfully implemented this solution for companies both within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Job Profiling

The mainstream of job profiling is built around the systematic collection of information about positions or job classes alongside drawing up a comprehensive list of important job tasks plus the details of the required critical competencies needed to perform those tasks. The understanding of the above statement makes it important for upward looking organization to carry out successful job profiling exercise from time to time. Our Job Profiling solution organizations make the right manpower planning related decisions as job tasks are identified and aligned with the required competencies. Issues like succession, employee benefits, and performance appraisals will become more simplified for effective management.


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