Employee Perception Management (Org360)

Employee Perception Management ( Org360)

Our employee perception management solution offers businesses a tool to aids in the proper evaluation and management of the perception its employees have towards their clients, work environment, the direct supervisors and, to the company as a whole. Research has shown the existence of a correlation between productivity in the workplace and the level of staff engagement. Our survey tool ORG360 provides management with relevant data to aid them in managing their staff and evaluating their commitment to the company.

This solution equips management with details required along the line of their decision-making process and aids in managing the level of employee engagement within the organization. A high level improvement is achieved in the area of commitment to the organization. And in effect, raise productivity within the organization. The ORG360 Employee Engagement assessment starts with the end-result in mind – improved performance and productivity. The ORG360 is designed to help executives and managers improve company performance and to build teams that deliver unparalleled service through listening to and hearing their employees.

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