Business Process Management Subject Matter Expert Program

Championing Business Growth in A Challenging Economic Clime; Building Innovative Business Process Management System


The effects of economic climate and policy changes cuts across every facet of our business lives. Competition is on the increase among numerous business organizations jostling for market share with dwindling purchasing ability. Beyond price and product/services quality war, other hurdles for any visionary organization also do exist. Another major hurdle is; seamless product/service delivery process, which is based on seamless internal core processes.  This remains a major area for consideration. Developing a Seamless product/service delivery process is based on having other processes run effectively, efficiently and innovatively, providing for the unseen needs of the customers.

Building an innovation driven Business Process Management Structure around your business demands the acquisition of knowledge in the areas of customer journey mapping in synchronization with the business enterprise plan without losing focus of the prevailing economic situations.


This programme is designed for professionals who have a strong interest in organizational growth and development by building a process centred organization. This programme is geared towards all Chief Executives Officers involved in the upwardly moving establishment. Typical participant profiles include:

  • Heads of Process Improvement
  • Heads of Innovation and Total Quality Management
  • Heads of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Heads of Internal Control
  • Heads of I T


This program is designed to develops the essential elements that are needed for successful justification, launching and evolve your Business Process Management Structure into such that is innovative towards meeting the business’ bottom-line of the process office in an organization. Below of some of the noteworthy objectives of this course:

  1. The Effects of a Changing Economic Clime on the Business Process Management System.
  2. Redefining the Process Management System Towards Innovativeness.
  3. Developing Improved Customer Journey Mapping with the CEM Methodology.
  4. Developing the Business Process Management Innovative Model
  5. Developing Essential Process KPIs
  6. Reducing and synchronizing process silos for competitive effectiveness.
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning, architecture and process alignment in a changing economic clime.
  8. Setting up an Internal Process Management Structure.
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