Business Process Management Practitioner Aspiring Program

Building A Career Around Business Process Management; Understanding Business Process Management; Measurement and Metrics.


This program is aimed at educating and equipping prospective and existing business analysts, consultants and process enthusiasts to be able to handle business process management and improvement projects towards the achievement of set organizational goals and objectives.

The understanding of the concepts and techniques of business process management create the required foundation for aspiring business process professionals. Beyond this, the determination of what and how to measure and definition of clear measurement criteria are at the basis of success in any organizational business process management and improvement. This course presents key concepts, methodologies and tools on the basic principles of process management, KPI identification, measurement and improvement. The program also focuses on the application of the aforementioned concepts and techniques from a Subject Matter Expert viewpoint. You will learn how to apply process management tools to both the analysis and design of business processes within various organizations.

The SPNS BPM Practitioner Program is highly interactive and intensive; it is designed to provide a unique learning experience where formal knowledge transfer of technical concepts is deeply rooted in business process management practice. Through participation in this training program, participants shall be able to draw a perfect balance between the hands-on techniques and enterprise management skills. This shall aid participants in the development of in-depth knowledge of the Business Process Management/Improvement.


This programme is designed for business process management enthusiasts with strong interest in becoming a Business Process Management Subject Matter Expert. This programme is geared towards all managers involved in the establishment of a process-driven organisation. Typical participant profiles include:

  1. Process owners; analysts, controllers and auditors.
  2. Managers responsible for cross-functional processes.
  3. Quality and compliance professionals.
  4. Business analysts.
  5. HR professionals dealing with the introduction of new competencies and their alignment with business performance.
  6. Business & IT consultants
  7. Aspiring Business Process Management Subject Matter Expert.


This program has been designed to combine knowledge and insights in business process management and improvement with an up-to-date learning vehicle for the acquisition of the views of industry and practitioners on how the knowledge is applied concretely, and how it links to enduring success for your organisation.

  1. Introduction to BPM.
  2. Business Process Management Principles and Fundamentals.
  3. BPM and Performance Management.
  4. Techniques for Business Process Improvement.
  5. Process Measurement Overview.
  6. Understanding Process Performance Measurement.
  7. Aligning other Business Resources with the BPM Structure.
  8. Delivering Service Excellence through BPM.
  9. Becoming a practicing business process management subject matter expert
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