Business Customers Touch-Point Management

Business touch-points are points of interaction along the line of your customer dealings with your organization. These are; places, events and interactions affecting your prospects, customers and the public. You can’t control them all, but identifying the ones you can influence and control remains highly critical to your success. This program will teach you how to optimize and synergize multiple touch-points to deliver differentiated and branded experience to your target customers. You will be able to better manage your resources allocations to create effective experience.

Learning Objectives

This program will enable attendees to:

  • Understand the characteristics of different touch-points and how such could be effectively managed.
  • Optimize resource allocation for different touch-points.
  • Utilize and synergize multiple touch-points to deliver target branded experience.

Course Content

Understanding the Characteristics of Contemporary Touch-points

  • Online touch-points
  • Contact center touch-points
  • Face-to-face touch-points
  • Marketing communications touch-points

Effectively Managing Touch-points by Value Drivers

  • Love and hate drivers
  • MOT of a touch-point experience
  • Delivering your value propositions through touch-points
  • Differentiating your touch-point experience

Course Content Continue:

Optimizing A Single Touch-point

  • Benefits of optimizing a single touch-point
  • Step-by-step guide to optimize a single touch-point experience
  • Principles for resources allocation on a single touch-point
  • Design the target performance level of a single touch-point

Synchronizing Multiple Touch-points

  • Strategic advantages of synergizing multiple touch-points
  • A systemic approach to synergize multiple touch-points experience
  • Principles for resources allocation on multiple touch-points
  • Design different target performance levels of multiple touch-points

Who should attend?

  • Managers in charge of customer experience management
  • Department Heads of Marketing, Services, CRM, Customer Experience or Sales
  • Director/GM of customer management related units
  • Management Executives who take charge of corporate strategy planning and customer management development
  • Business Owners who see CEM a critical differentiator for their businesses.

Other Information:

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Fee: #125,000.00.00 Par Participant

Others: Lecturer led training delivery, action learning, and syndicate sessions.