Building Output Confidence-Bond Pharmaceuticals Transforms into A World Class Pharma Company


Within the highly competitive Nigeria pharma market, Bond Pharmaceutical having been able to stabilize and grow beyond adolescent and crossing to maturity as one of the major manufacturers of pharma products, is at the point of consolidating its stake in the market.

Towards achieving this, Bond Pharmaceuticals planned to increase its production capacity by building a WHO standard factory. This is aimed at positioning the firm to produce for the west African market.

In meeting up with all requirements, SPNS Consulting is contracted to provide for the required strategy and entire enterprise infrastructure.

Client Profile

Bond Chemist Limited was initially set up as a retail outlet for Pharmaceutical Products in 1976 by our visionary leader Sir Chief Adebowale Omotosho which later metamorphosed to Bond Chemical Industries Limited in 1988.

The then management team of the company later instituted a producer structure for the company, and this we know today by name Bond Chemical Industries Limited.

The factory of Bond Chemical Limited situated in Awe, Oyo State of Nigeria and was officially commissioned on March 18th, 1988 and the Corporate Head Office located in Lagos. Bond has expanded more than five times the size it was at inception. This expansion is in terms of structure, equipment and workforce alongside qualitative products.

Scope of the Project

  1. Development of the corporate strategy for Bond Pharmaceuticals- providing for local market share appreciation and international market entry.
  2. Build and Development the enterprise transformation team from within the organization.
  3. Create a corporate and people performance management system using the balanced scorecard framework.
  4. Perform oversight functions to ensure the achievement of set strategic objectives.


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SPNS helped Bond Pharmaceuticals to develop the required strategy for the achievement of set objectives. This is a multi-phased project as it covers; Strategy Development, Team Development, provision of infrastructure as well as the actual implementation.

The WHO standard factory is near completion and shall commence operation within the next 12 months. All other areas of needs have been provided for, part of which are the manpower capacity utilization planning, resource and infrastructure planning, as well as market share appreciation framework alongside international market entry into some west Africa companies to start with.