Backfile Conversion & Archiving

Backfile Conversion

If you enterprise is such that generates and manages a high volume of documents then our Backfile conversion solution is meant for you. Backfile conversion in itself is the act of replacing large volumes of documents with digital images. Generally Backfile Conversion consists of digitizing volumes of documents by using high speed scanning methods to convert these legacy documents into digital images, which will be stored as document libraries.

Today many financial services sectors and sub sectors as well as agencies have millions of data stored on media such as card-stock, maps, microfiche, or microfilm, to name a few. In a normal enterprise setting, when a particular file is needed, locating these records could take hours or days; especially if these physical documents are stored off-site in a warehouse facility. Our Backfile Conversion Solution provides rapid access to these legacy documents in electronic formats in a stress free way.

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