Achieving Successful Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management strategy development and implementation is aimed at aiding the delivery of your designed experience to your customers via the various multiple touch-points around your business. Achieving the aforementioned requires CEM framework development, capabilities alignment across people, process and technology in a company. This program provides participants with roadmap(s) for implementation as well as measurement metrics to ensure that your Customer Experience Management program is monitored and tracked to provide constant feedback for continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable attendees to handle:

  • The translation of identified performance gaps into required capabilities
  • The design of implementation roadmap and development of measurement metrics
  • The development of a close-loop CEM management system

Course Content

CEM Situation Audit and Gap Analysis

  • Assessment of the current performance level of multi-channels touch-points
  • Identification of the performance gaps between target and current experiences
  • Assessment of the performance gaps across various touch-points
  • Addressing the performance gaps with new core capabilities

CEM Capabilities and Requirements

  • Identification of; People capabilities-change management, leadership, recruitment, training and perform
  • Identification of; Process capabilities-business process stream-line, redesign and re-engineering
  • Identification of; Product capabilities-pricing, costing, product development and product mix
  • Technology capabilities-software, hardware, platform, integration and compatibilities

Course Outline Continue:

Development of the CEM Measurement & Metrics

  • Developing the CEM strategic framework.
  • Developing roadmap for phased implementations and pilot projects
  • Set performance metrics and key performance indicators
  • Monitoring and assessing the performance level of multiple touch-points in delivering target
  • Understanding the Measurement ROI of CEM

Establishing a Close-loop CEM Management System

  • Customer experience assessment and evaluation model
  • Customer experience strategy model (operations, branding, analytics)
  • Touch-point planning model (framework, tools)
  • Customer experience implementation model (designing and managing an experience-centric organization)

Who should attend ?

  • Managers in charge of Customer experience management
  • Department Heads of Marketing, Services, CRM, Customer Experience or Sales
  • Director/GM of customer management related units
  • Management Executives who take charge of corporate strategy planning and customer management development
  • Business Owners who see CEM a critical differentiator for their businesses growth.

Other Information:

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Fee: #125,000.00.00 Par Participant

Others: Lecturer led training delivery, action learning, and syndicate sessions.